How to Clean a Mattress

How to clean a mattress - several techniques that work well, and can be used to remove stains and keep your mattress fresh.


General steps

  1. Vacuum the mattress. This helps to keep it clean by the sheer fact that when it does get wet, there is less matter in the dirt to cause it to stain.
  2. If the surface does get soiled or dirty, try using an upholstery cleaner. Since they are made for surfaces that touch your skin (e.g. your couch), then, unless you are extremely sensitive to cleaners in general, it should work. It also has the advantage of removing dust mites and their refuse.
  3. Use enzyme cleaners. Enzymes cleaners are effective in breaking down the 'structure' of the stains which helps to lessen them.

For unidentified mattress stains

  1. Spray it with a citrus type cleaner and let it set for about five minutes. Afterward, blot (don't rub) as much of the cleaner out as you can using a clean, white, absorbent cloth. A mild dish detergent can also be used.

Blood stains

  1. Try using hydrogen peroxide to help with the removal of blood stains. Blot it while it is bubbling. This may not remove all the stain, but will help to lessen it. Be sure to blot it with a clean, white, dry cloth.

Cigarette odor removal

  1. Using the same process as above, apply it to the entire mattress, one section at a time.
  2. Launder your linen even more often than you would on an ordinary basis. This will help keep the odor from being so pervasive.

Mold and mildew removal

  1. Give your mattresses a 'suntan'. These types of stains are caused by too much moisture. Try taking your mattress outside on a bright, sunny day and let the sun dry it out. Try to remove the excess mold and mildew by wiping it off or sweeping it off.

Urine stains and odor

  1. Blot the excess fluid as much as possible.
  2. Using the oxy-clean type cleaners, or those that say they remove the stains (of which there are many), spray the stain and methodically blot it.
  3. Once dry, shake baking soda over it, let it set over night and vacuum it the next day.

Removing stains caused by colored drinks.

  1. Although impossible to remove entirely, you can alleviate the degree of the stain by using citrus cleaner and/or vinegar to lessen it.
  2. Many drink stains are soluble in isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). Alcohol will also carry the stain further, so blot with a clean absorbent cloth soaked in isopropyl alcohol, rather than pouring it on the stain.
  3. Mattress manufacturers and dry cleaners will also have information on removing stains, or provide a service for a fee.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses made using the milk or sap from the rubber tree can last up to 30 years without forming depressions or softening. No other material offers the comfort and durability of natural latex. Our goal is for you to love your purchase for years. We are committed to meeting this goal, and we'll bend our policies to do this. So, if you were happy the first two years, and not the following two months, we would love to see what we could do to help remedy at little or no cost to you. Latex is hypoallergenic, and breathes to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. When compared to spring mattresses, latex is considered much more conforming and evenly supportive. Latex mattress foam is naturally resistant to bacteria, mildew, mold, and dust mites making it an ideal mattress material for homes, boats, and RVs.

Natural Sense premium latex:
Not all latex mattress foams are equal. Some latex is not even natural! We offer several types of latex: our Natural Sense brand — a certified 100% Natural dunlop latex — or Talalay latex. When comparing these two, we have found that Dunlop latex (our Natural Sense brand) has much more integrity and longevity than Talalay. The Talalay process produces a more even latex cell structure at the cost of the integrity of the foam; more bubbles equals less foam and less longevity. All raw Talalay and Dunlop latex have naturally occurring flaws which include small tears, air pockets, patches, and changing surface textures. We have also created a unique sleeping solution for couples: see our Split Firmness queen and king size mattresses, below. Looking for bedding for your baby? Try our crib size organic mattresses!

Latex mattress Firmness:
"ILD" is the standard numbering system for rating foam firmness. ILD is the number of pounds it takes to compress a sample of latex one inch. We carry 5 different firmnesses: Soft (17-25 ILD), Medium (26-30 ILD), Firm (31-35 ILD), Extra Firm (36-42 ILD), and Hard (43-48 ILD).

Why buy your latex mattress from us?
We are one of the few companies that offer all 5 firmnesses. Utilizing layers with specific firmnesses we can produce a latex mattresses with perfect comfort for even a "princess and the pea" sleeper. We are very unique in that we warrant our latex against forming soft spots AND depressions. We offer a 90-day trial period without restocking fees, beginning once your mattress ships.

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